8CCC Producer Melanie Bakewell is this years winner of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s National Features and Documentary Series!

The series is an incubator for narrative radio features in Australia supported by the Community Media Training Organisation and experienced industry mentors.

Never Gonna Let the Language Go Away

From 8CCC in Central Australia, MJ Bakewell asks: what does ‘justice’ even mean if no one speaks your language?

Supervising production from Belinda Lopez. Training from the Community Media Training Organisation. Distributed by the Community Radio Network.

Produced for the 2020 CBAA National Features and Documentary Series.

There are over 17 Aboriginal languages spoken in and around Alice Springs – but there’s only been an Aboriginal interpreter service since the year 2000.

MJ Bakewell looks to the past, and one Yankuntyjatjara man’s legacy, to see how far we’ve come to ensure Aboriginal language speakers have the right to understand, and be understood.


  • Trailrunner by Blue Dot Sessions
  • Algorithms by Chad Crouch
  • Passed Tense by Anne van Schothorst
  • Low Coal Camper by Blue Dot Sessions
  • 4th Chair by Blue Dot Sessions.

Sound Effects

  • Power Down by peepholecircus
  • hospital_lobby by tim.kahn
  • cassette-tape by albertomarun.

Special Thanks

  • Linda Rive for indulging me with her recollections and suggestions
  • Rob Rosenthal for his structural guidance and generous feedback
  • Natalie at AIATSIS for helping me dig out the archive tape
  • Avery special thanks to Karina Lester, who opened her home to me.

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