“Today we’ve been finalising our maintenance week. We’ve done a whole lot of cleaning, testing, sorting and reorganising of our assets. Getting our crew in for training. Today they’re cleaning up and getting things back to storage and making our year really smooth running”.

Anders Pfeiffer is the AV event production manager for 8CCC. They’re the backbone of flowing operations on the ground at all of our events. We sat with Anders to get the low down on what’s been happening behind the scenes to ensure fluid AV delivery across Mparntwe and the Barkley.

“We’re hoping to be involved with a lot of the big events this year. Looking to be involved in Parrtjima festival, Fab Alice, WOS, ‘the Big Day Out in Harmony’ coming up, a whole run of council night markets, and all sorts of other hybrid events happening. So yeah, we’re getting ready and organising for the year”.

Anders Pfieffer – 8CCC Event Production Manager

Anders is an incredibly talented percussionist and all-around muso. Music courses through their veins, and this passion helps immensely to ensure the job is done to its upmost. They are a veteran both on the stage and behind the scenes. However, it’s not a one-(hu)man band at 8CCC, teamwork makes the dream work. So, we discussed the diverse crew involved in rolling out seamless events. 

“With the AV event production unit, we’ve just started employing some young people casually. We’ve got a few young folk who have just recently left high school and are looking to start careers in the music industry or get some work experience and skills. We’ve got a whole lot of older folk who have come from different disciplines, whether they’re already engineers, technicians or musicians, and getting more hands on. We’ve got some folk being trained up into project management & crew team leaders. So yeah, lots of different skills and cross training happening. And we’ve teamed up with CDU to get more tickets and education going across the whole team so that we’re constantly learning and upgrading our skills”.

We are delighted and grateful to have such skilled, passionate people working with us at on the ground here at 8CCC. Community exists right here in our team. 

The crew getting maintenance done for our upcoming events in 2023.