Australia has a rich diversity of musicians and music producers creating ambient and chill out music.  On a hot blustery day in the centre, what better than to lay back (out of the dusty wind) and chill out!  Also it is the one hundredth year anniversary of the birth of Woody Guthrie.  I am hoping to play a song written and/or performed by Woody each week for the next 2 months.  Let me know your favourite and I’ll try and play it for you.  Cheers, Joy

VARGO – Relax

ZULYA – Like a Child / Sabi Kebek

DALE NOUGHER – Temple Life

DAVID PAGE – The Light

MILIC ILIC – Stir the Sky

PHIL THORNTON AND HOSSAM RAMZY – Last words by the temple


FIONA JOY HAWKINS – Prelude to a landscape


And a few new sounds to come into the station ….

MOKOOMBA – Njoka (from Zimbabwe)

SETH LAKEMAN – The Blacksmith’s Prayer (from UK)

LOKKHI TERRA – Shokhi Kumo Shajao (from Pakistan / UK)

and the Woody Guthrie song for today … Dusty old dust (So long its been good to know you)