Introducing 8CCC’s newest Business Member- who is very happy to be laughed at…

Jacci Pillar has been a local of Alice Springs for most of the last eleven years (with the odd hiatus via China, Darwin and Far North Queensland). She recently discovered in early 2016 she likes to do stand up comedy (after aspiring to do so for many years). Alice Springs has a small bunch of local, hardworking comics, but not enough opportunities for them to perform. Jacci, being the sort of person who does this kind of project and coordination stuff for a living in her other job, decided the comedy circuit in Alice could do with some help.

So Jacci created Gin and Titters. The name is a play on words from the fact she has to have a gin and tonic before going on stage. The idea of Gin and Titters is to assist local and aspiring local comedians get gigs. It’s also to find and develop new local comedians. Jacci won’t make a million bucks doing this, in fact, probably quite the opposite. But the idea is that the good peeps of Alice Springs and its funny folk deserve a comedy circuit as vibrant as any other place in the land of Aus.

If you are an aspiring comedian she will do her best to create an opportunity for you to learn and perform.
If you are a local venue that wants to host a comedy event or a charity or local organisation that wants to fundraise with a comedy event, visit


Thankyou Jacci for your support of community radio in Tennant Creek and Alice Springs!