As the war in Ukraine wears on, the defence continues to seek help through any and all avenues around the world. Australia has already provided millions in military-grade hardware, such as Javelin missiles, assistance packages, armoured personnel carriers and tanks in the value of hundreds of millions. Recently, the Australian Defense Force retired their Taipan helicopters, decommissioning them in anticipation of their replacement with American Black Hawk helicopters.  Ukraine had reached out to ask for the older Taipan helicopters to aid the war effort, but due to an issue with timing, the Taipans were deemed not airworthy and were scrapped despite protests from ADF engineers and mechanics, who offered to repair the helicopters for free.

During a press conference alongside the Ukrainian Ambassador, Co- Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations Katerina Argyrou emphasised the importance of clarity in communication when organising aid for the war effort.  As the ADF and Ukrainian ambassador try to move beyond  the issue with the Taipan helicopters, they’re setting up to receive the Australia’s old stock of M1 Abrams tanks.

Image: Image: Shutterstock – Ryan Fletcher

Produced By: Steven Samaras

Featured In Story: Dr Matthew Sussex, Associate Professor and Visiting Fellow at the Strategic and Defense Studies Centre of Australian National University

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 28 February 2024