The LONGLINE community stories project explores and celebrates the diversity of the Alice Springs community. This project produces short stories from long conversations with a diverse mix of community members. In each episode, we hear unique people of different backgrounds talking passionately about things that are important to them. 

We all have a story, and thanks to the power of community media, we are able to connect and explore diverse stories and contemplate the common and uncommon threads that weave throughout our communities.

This project was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. A huge thanks to the Community Broadcasting Foundation for their support of community media across Australia.

LONGLINE: The Community Stories Project was created in Mbantua Alice Springs. 

Produced by Joshua Davis and Damien Williams

Cultural liaison Lynette Ellis

Intro and Outro Music Dave Crowe Sing/Hum

Additional audio recording: Vito Lucarelli

Edited by Joshua Davis

Special thanks to April Campbell, Lynette Ellis, Thomas Saylor, Benjamin Erin, 8CCC and ICTV.