Charlie & Gabe

Charlie and Gabriel are friends living and broadcasting from Arrernte Country. They like to encounter and trade moments of contradiction, poetry, abundance and humour.

Let your habits for listening mingle with what’s beaming from Love Bank.

Perhaps the dial is set to 102.1FM in your small car. You catch snippets commuting from work, driving to basketball practice or coming home from the shops. Maybe you leave the transistor on at the world’s quietest construction site. Or you listen over dinner or while folding the washing. You listen while the world happens around you and it melds with the world coming from the radio. You listen in fits and bursts. Sometimes you hear something you like. Other times you don’t. 

Love Bank is an hour-long curation of found and commissioned audio, texts and music, presented by hosts Charlie and Gabriel, broadcasting monthly. It’s a little mysterious, sometimes comic and often beguiling. Join us on the third Sunday of every month as we plunge into incalculable debt. 

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