Chloe Fragos

Curated by the 8CCC Community

Luke Hannath

A live broadcast weekly review of both current and historical films. Each week one film will be
reviewed in a 30-minute session. The show will be hosted by Chloe and Luke who are in a
relationship and won’t be afraid to give “real” reviews and challenge each other with their take
on the film of the week.

Luke comes with a film background and will focus on cinematography, writing and provide
context within the filmmaker’s and actors’ bodies of work. Chloe will give the social, cultural
and emotional take on the film and everything else in between.

The live review will be the first time Chloe and Luke will talk about their views of the film and
the critiques will unfold organically as the show goes on. Each weekly there will be a film fact
for the day. Over time we hope to have people tune into the show and give live feedback.
Equally, we wish to develop presenting skills such as playing snippets from the film and
playback of scenes where permitted.

On Demand