The Heat explores how the changing weather has affected the lives of people living in the Central Desert. 

A series of interviews conducted on Arrente and Warlpiri country and spoken in a mix of Warlpiri, Anmetjere and English.

An exploration filled with humorous, informative and engaging storytelling.

Broadcasting Wednesdays 4pm on 8CCC 102.1FM

Meldon Japaljarri Morris

Interviews & Editing

Dennis Jupurrula Charles

Interviewer, Editing & Anmatjerre Translations

Theresa Naparulla Ross

Warlpiri Translations

Esau Japanangka Marshall


Donovan Jampijinpa Rice

Editing & Postproduction. Composition of original theme music

Kristen Elms


Produced in partnership between 8CCC Radio & PAW Media

Thank you to the Community Broadcasting Foundation for their support of this project

The Heat – Freddie Japanangka Williams

Warlpiri man, Freddie Japanangka Williams, from Yuendumu and Willowra tells of his experience of the changing weather, how that has affected flora, fauna and the land itself. 

Freddie started the Ranger program in Willowra 20 years ago and has several qualifications in Conservation and Land Management from Bachelor Institute.

The Heat – Tess Napaljarri Ross

74 year old Warlpiri woman Tess Napaljarri Ross, born in Yuendumu, gives a meandering and inspiring testimonial of her life. Interweaving in this story how the weather has played its continuing part.

The Heat – Ruth Napaljarri Oldfield

Warlpiri Elder, Ruth Napaljarri Oldfield’s Jukurrpa is Possum dreaming. Napaljarri tells us of how Yapa (Warlpiri people) daily lives change with the seasons and how the weather has impacted that over the years.

The Heat – Kumanjayi Japangardi Jones

Anmatjere/Warlpiri man, Kumanjayi Japangardi Jones, talks an interesting story of his younger days in and around Yuendumu. His country is Yunkanjini, also known as Mount Doreen. Japangardi humorously reflects on the way the weather has changed animals and people’s behaviour in the Central Desert.

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following program may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

The Family of Kumanjayi Japangardi Jones have given permission for this interview to be shared.

Produced with the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

Interviews by Meldon Japaljarri Morris and Dennis Jupurrula Charles

Translation by Theresa Naparulla Ross

Edited by Esau Japanangka Marshall and Donovan Jampijinpa Rice

Music by Donovan Jampijinpa Rice

Production by Kristen Elms

Thankyou to Grace Marshall and Benjamin Erin for their support of this project