8CCC Volunteer Coordinator- Contractor/Consultant

8CCC is seeking to contract a qualified volunteer coordinator consultant to comprehensively review and expand on 8CCC’s current volunteer program. The Consultant will collaborate with the 8CCC Station Manager and Technical Coordinator to develop the project and be able to work independently to deliver project outcomes.

The Volunteer Coordinator Consultant will be engaged at $40/hr for 8hrs a week over 6 months with negotiable timelines.

The key responsibilities and scope of this role are to:

-Develop volunteer position descriptions and a comprehensive volunteer manual,

-Provide training and support to existing volunteers,

-Review and improve on existing volunteer training opportunities

-Develop lesson plans and resources for volunteer inductions sessions

-Research and implement a new CRM system to manage volunteer database, communications and enquiries

-Review 8CCC policies and WHS processes directly related to volunteer in line with Volunteering Australia National Standards

-Promote volunteer opportunities,

-Review board reporting, processes and documentation relating to volunteer program as required

-Updating volunteer related content onto the 8CCC website and social media platforms.


For more information please contact 8CCC Station Manager Benjamin Erin:

[email protected]

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