8CCC members are invited to attend a Special General meeting, followed by our Annual General meeting on Tuesday 27th November 2018.

The meetings will be held one after the other from 5:30pm with the venue to be advised shortly.



Special General Meeting: Proposed Special Resolution to amend the 8CCC Constitution.

8CCC Community Radio Inc intends to register as a Cultural Organisation with ROCO (The Register of Cultural Organisations) which will allow 8CCC as a not for profit to access Deductible Gift Recipient status. Changes are required to the constitution to comply with the requirements of this registration.

Additional amendments have been proposed to ensure the 8CCC constitution reflects modern financial processes, supports stable and effective governance and is a functional document that can be easily referenced and practically applied.


8CCC’s current constitution can be found here


Proposed amendments are:

8CCC Mission and Aims consolidated as Objects and Purpose:

a) Promote and foster arts, music and culture, representing a diverse community and
multicultural voice, through electronic media (radio, web and digital);

b) Endeavour to enrich people’s lives with a diversity of programs and services that inform,
educate, entertain and support the development and quality of our lives; and

c) To involve and service the Alice springs and Tennant Creek communities with services,
programming and content that is not readily available in the commercial broadcasting

-Establish and maintain a public gift fund, reflecting DGR and Cultural Org requirements

-Index and formatting improvements for ease of reference

-Review of terms for consistency and clarity (eg Board vs committee)

-Financial management updated to reflect modern practices, organisational structure and approved procedures.


Changes to Board structure:

-Range of 5-9 members rather than fixed requirement to support recruitment based on need rather than numbers.

-Establish 3 year board terms, these terms are renewable, but no person shall serve more than two (2) consecutive full terms. Establish staggered board rotation

-Change identified positions- Public Officer plus 4-9 board members, other positions created and filled by board based on skill and organisational need

-Proposed Tennant Creek identified position with flexibility on terms to support TC representation

-Replace requirement for AGM notification via newspaper add, with notice via Email, Online, Radio Announcement,  Social Media.


Changes to Membership:

-Clarify membership application process for individuals and board approval process. Membership would remain a requirement for active volunteers/ presenters and board members. A valid Membership would require an active financial subscription to be in place.

-Delineate role of ‘subscriber’, a financial supporter of 8CCC w/ no voting rights, Subscriptions are managed in accordance with a Subscription Policy which would outline details such as Individual, Business, Band and Not For Profit subscription packs, annual, monthly etc and could be amended by the board as required.

The establishment of a subscriber model would allow for Individual and other classes of supporter to purchase subscriptions online without requiring board approval- as a subscription in itself would not establish membership rights/ responsibilities. For individuals a Membership application could be made at the same time as a subscription or at a later date and would remain a requirement of active involvement as a volunteer at 8CCC. This would allow due process with members being asked to attend an 8CCC101 session as part of an induction process outlining rights and responsibilities of 8CCC membership. These sessions would be held monthly in Alice Springs and Bi-monthly in Tennant Creek to support active and informed membership.


Additional Documentation Will Be Provided Prior To The Meetings:

-SGM and AGM Agendas

-Draft Constitution with proposed amendments

-Annual Report and Audit

Board Nominations are welcome with applications requested by 20th November 2018 at the latest.


For additional information, any queries and application process,

please contact 8CCC Station Manager Benjamin Erin

Ph: 0416 400 483

[email protected]

Or drop by during office hours: Thursday-Friday 9-4pm, Saturday 9-12pm