Even for a tuesday afternoon, Nyinkka Nyunyu Aboriginal Arts and Culture Centre was well-attended from the beginning of our outdoor broadcast coming from Tennant Creek to re-engage the community and get some more members.

We began with Brea Robertson welcoming in the music with her strong, powerful voice singing original folk tunes stemming from her many years as a song writer.  Councillor Gerry McCarthy was invited to tell stories of the old days in Tennant Creek and, through a series of yarns and songs, admitted his passion for radio as a catalyst for uniting the community’s voice.

The Barkly Boys’ Marcus Finlay and Russell O’Keefe dedicated a ballad to the passing of Mr. Benning from the famous Benning Brothers.  Mr Benning was one of the founding members of Winanjjikari Music Centre and a ‘local legend’ to many in the community.  Jeffery Mclaughlin also paid tribute with a performance he wrote with the elderly musician when they collaborated on tunes together in the past, and farewelled the man with an impassioned speech.    The rousing performance had other musicians touched by Mr Benning’s formidable legacy jump up and play impromptu sets.

Boombox hosts Chris Helmond, Sall Forrest and Stuart Liddell tag-teamed the mic on the 4.5 hour broadcast with a fun ‘secret sound’ competition, spruiking the fresh discounted food on offer and generally championing the benefits of becoming an 8CCC member.  Barkly Regional Arts’ Executive Officer and event partner Alan Murn revealed 8CCC’s shiny new trophy which recently earned the station Outstanding Small Station of the Year at this year’s Community Broadcasting Association of Australia awards.

There was no better way to top off evening than a final performance from Lincoln MacKinnon and the Wrecking Train and the WMC All-stars that had the crowd dancing into the night.  With a steady steam of local people enjoying the great food, music and cool afternoon breeze, the Tennant Creek Barkly Boombox Membership Drive was a great success.  If you heard it on the radio or attended the event, make note of your community radio station and drop us a line.  There’s plenty more to come and we want you to get involved.

8CCC acknowledges the grant from the NT Community Benefit Fund which enabled us to buy the Outside Broadcasting equipment which we were able to use at this event.


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