A long time supporter of 8CCC Centred in Choice have a mission to provide resources, services and experiences to enhance the quality of life of all participants and their extensive networks.

Their dedication is to offer the following:

  • Quality, expert resources and services based on a sound theoretical framework and proven methods
  • Practical, useful, applicable personal and professional skills and knowledge
  • Resources and training that builds on the current expertise of participants
  • Skills, tools and knowledge enabling people to act with integrity
  • Resources that can be adapted to all cultural settings.

Drawing on Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Vikalapa Yoga and Lead management they offer a uniquely inspired and ethical personal and business consultancy.

Many 8CCC community members will know CIC business partner Joy Taylor from her roles in providing training to 8CCC presenters, Grants and Compliance management for 8CCC and in creating unique Centralian radio productions such as Centralian Yarns and Many Voices, One Place.

8CCC thanks Centred in Choice for their ongoing support.