IMG_0296Kicking off on a chilly saturday morning in Fan Arcade just off the Todd Mall, the team from The Pill broadcast their mix of local and national sports, special guests, lots of pings from their phones and plenty of laughter amidst the serious analysis.

Up to 5 big fellas lined up in a space for 3, they took on the challenge of learning new skills, coped well with people waving through the window as they walked past blurry eyed for their morning coffee next door.

Lots of work behind the scenes has meant that 8CCC can continue broadcasting live shows from Alice Springs during our big refurb which starts on 24 July in the Eastside premises. Big thanks to our super tech Edan Baxter and our new station admin officer Benjamin Erin for setting up the pop up studio. Also big thanks to Dina for being the official ‘guinea pig’ and being so willing to present her show The Dragon Hour whilst we were running tests for this weekend official start of broadcasts.

If The Pill team and guests are anything to go by, its going to be a great few weeks, so stay tuned on 102.1FM and here screaming live.