The Barkly Boys from Tennant Creek, and duo Christopher Brocklebank and Katrina Stowe generously provided music to accompany and enhance the stories people have shared about why they choose to live in Tennant Creek and Alice Springs.

The Barkly Boys recorded some tracks for  the Many Voices One Place project at the Winanjjikari Music Centre in Tennant Creek.  The tracks they provided are:

  • Inspector Gadget
  • Country Wind
  • Slash
  • Sing a long
  • Saver

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Christopher Brocklebank plays guitar and Katrina Stowe the clarinet.  Katrina has moved away from Alice Springs, however Christopher is still playing locally and involved in different musical collaborations.  The tracks provided for the Many Voices One Place project are from the album A Bed for Katrina (first released in 2000) and include:


  • Women of the Centre
  • Uncle Renee
  • Summertime
  • Crazy Waltz
  • Second Moon of Autumn
  • Sad
  • Prelude to a Hoedown

A Bed for Katrina is available from