MFDlogo12_200px8CCC supports Music Freedom Day.  Music Freedom Day celebrates freedom of musical expression world-wide on Sunday 3 March 2013. Musicians and composers rights to freedom of expression are violated worldwide. Hundreds of musicians are imprisoned censored and persecuted because of their music or lyrics.


The focus of advocacy by the organising body FreeMuse, is in two areas of the world Mali and Russia:

Mali is at war.  After the Mali’s musicians either are having to leave their home country to play their music, or stop playing, or play in secret.  Find out more from some internationally acclaimed Malian musicians 

Also, 4 March is the One Year “Shame Day” of the arrest of two members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot – as discussed on 8CCC by Moscow based journalist and one of the team who produces 8CCC’s local histories and stories program Centralian Yarns.