ImageOver the course of this year Yirara students have been involved in broadcasting.

This has entailed learning various aspects of the roles involved in radio. Everything from sponsorship announcements to announcing. Students then were given the opportunity to buddy up and learn the skills of a continuity announcer. Their shows were initially scripted then pre recorded and played during the school lunch hour.

The next step was to broadcast live from 8ccc this has occurred over the last two terms twice a week. Students have been trained in using the microphone, learning the importance of station IDs, interviewing and paneling the studio desk. Students have experienced the reality of presenting a show live and this in turn has been a very valuable experience that could potentially take them into a career of broadcasting.

Some comments from students who have taken part in the Yirara radio program:
“Meeting people and learning new skills.”
“Interviewing deadly guests.”
“Learning to speak for radio.”
“It’s cool and fun and I like listening to my own voice.”