8CCC would like to thank everyone who helped make “Transmission: 8CCC
Fundraiser” – held on Oct 21 2017 at Monte’s Lounge, Alice Springs – such a
successful, vibrant and memorable night.

As we would like to put it: Transmission: Accomplished

Our friendly-neighbourhood musical heroes: The Alice Sings Pop Choir, Ash Steele, Jacob, Echo Echo, The Wiggle of Judas, Resin Moon, The Holy Dimes, BUG EYED, Matt D’Penguin Katapult Smith, Beenak; the force of nature that is Laurie May and 8CCC board member Ilse Pickerd, Our MC’s for the evening; our
seemingly tireless sound system wizards- Rob, Spade, Mat and Greg ( working with the Cutlery and Alice Springs Desert Music Club PAs), Edan Baxter our technical mastermind…Too much to mention. All these amazing performances where live broadcast over 8 hours! Our hearts are bursting.

And of course the people who put the “community” in “Community Radio” – Your
support is what makes 8CCC what it is: an outback radio station with a proud history
of unique programming; regular Centralian/ Barkly- inspired music, and a big dream
to promote diversity of arts and music.

At the end of the night, we welcomed 32 new memberships and one new business
membership (Thanks Afghan Traders!). In addition all the proud new owners of 8CCC trucking caps, Mugs and T-shirts, along with those who made donations, have been a great help in paying for our new Forum AEQ digital mixing desk which has been kindly supplied by Broadcast Components.

Along with other technological updates, the new mixing desk will help boost the radio
station’s efforts to foster diverse and multicultural voices through new, exciting
ventures, such as conducting more live broadcast in the community and building a
production/recording studio to be used by local music and media workers.

We have also been supported by the NT Government stimulus package’s Immediate
Works grant, which helped pay for the station’s recent refurbishment.

Over these last few years, a lot of efforts were made to improve 8CCC’s internal
management and sustainability, so “Transmission” was a night of celebration as well
as a fundraiser. We are excited to move forward with new projects and, as always,
they are inspired by the unique community here in Central Australia.

We hope you had as much fun as we did. Onwards and upwards!

-Written by Dina Indrasafitri (Host of The Dragon hour) on behalf of 8CCC.