Date: Sunday 12 August 2pm – 6.30pm

Good communication skills do not happen by chance; they happen by choice
Open to 8CCC Community Radio Inc members (free) and others ($50)

If you want to join the training session, email us [email protected] subject: August 12

The Program

Part 1
  • Voice and Speech (what are we talking about?)
  • Introduce the 47 sounds that make up the English language
  • Finding your voice (sometimes the voice we use is not really ours? Whose is it, then?)
  • Test for nasality
Part 2
  • Say hello to your lungs. First, you must breathe
  • Exercises to improve breath control
  • Common faults when speaking. Watching your t’s and d’s
Part 3
  • Learning the ‘shapes’ that define the sounds
  • Using a mirror can help you to learn better shaping
  • Shaping exercises
Part 4
  • Colour your day – the magic of vocal light and shade
  • Reading techniques
  • News- reading exercises

The Presenter

Trevor Ford is South Australia’s best known voice and speech coach.

In a career spanning 35 years he has trained more than 3,000 students, including about 400 for Radio Adelaide and the University of South Australia (Journalism). For 10 years he taught speech, voice and media writing in a pre-vocational program at Hamilton Secondary College in Adelaide.

A former journalist and Radio News Director, he has been a Presenter, Newsreader and Talkback host on Adelaide radio stations 5DN and 5AA.

Trevor was taught by Australia’s foremost voice and speech coach, London Academy-trained the late A.Musgrave Horner, who was Senior Lecturer in Speech Education at Adelaide Teachers College and Examiner in Speech and Drama for the Australian Music Examination Board.