Overheard Productions is the operating face of Bill ‘Quinny’ Quinn aka Bill The Gypsy aka 36 other nicknames.

Our missions are many, all powered by passionate beliefs that independent musicians, singers, songwriters, artists, and anyone in the creative arts should have wider audiences.

Bill is a proud Ken Behren and was born on Ngunnawal land. After a pretty beige 38yrs, Bill went to the 2005 National Folk Festival, and immediately asked why he’d been wasting his life until then.

Overheard Productions was then a registered business for corporate/wedding MC-ing, and trivia quizzes, but our focus moved to radio, magazine writing (Trad Now folk mag), festival/gig media, and lots of interviews.

We now prioritise advocacy work for independent artists, venues, and festivals. Overheard Productions left ACT in March 2013 and operates globally from wherever in Terra Australis you find Bill The Gypsy, his contractors, and his 54+ yr old teddy bear.

A new Mparntwe-based business will collect the entertainment and advocacy stuff with a go-live of 1 July 2022. Bill is a connector, communicator, and collaborator. We help, support, add value, and synergise NOT compete, subsume, grift, try to be what we’re not, or cut anyone’s grass.

(Though if you need your lawn mown, Bill’s got very diverse and mad skillz.)


Website: https://www.OverheardProductions.com

c/- Alice Springs Post Office, NT 0870

Phone: 0405 651 681