Barkly Regional Arts and 8CCC Community Radio have been working together to recruit a full time Media & Events worker employed across two roles. We are now pleased to welcome Shauna Upton as 8CCC’s Barkly Radio Coordinator!

Based in Tennant Creek, Shauna will be activating 8CCC’s Barkly studio which is collocated with Barkly Regional Arts & the Winanjjikari Music Centre.  Shauna is also the proprietor of I Rate MGMT representing a number of NT Artists – currently on tour with Katanga Junior on the way to Nannup & WOMAD, she took some time out to introduce herself to 8CCC’s community as she makes her way to The Barkly.

Who is Shauna Upton? (In one sentence)

A proud cat Mum who is an impressively deep sleeper with an affinity for being immersed in bodies of water, a love of Aussie music and passion for sharing stories.

What drew you to work in Community Radio?

I truly love the medium of radio – the ability it has to create a greater sense of community, be companion to those who feel alone and champion people doing great things. Couple that with its important position in the music industry to support and build local artists’ careers and why wouldn’t I want to be involved?

What is your connection to the Barkly Region?

I’ve been travelling to the Barkly now for the best part of four years, first with my work on MusicNT’s All Good Project and then in the role of Festival Manager for Barkly Regional Arts’ Desert Harmony Festival in 2022 and 2023. I love the people of the Barkly, the sense of community here and pride in culture.

What are you looking forward to in your role?

Empowering local people to share the true stories of Tennant and the wider Barkly Region. Mainstream media’s perception of this incredible place is almost always negative, but there is so much beauty, resilience and hope here that needs to be shared.

How can people in The Barkly get in touch with you?

Come and visit me! You’ll find me in the 8CCC Barkly Studio at Karguru Centre most Mondays and Wednesdays (from March 17). Any other weekday I’m just next door in the Barkly Arts offices. Failing that, you can drop me a line via [email protected].

Interview by Benjamin Erin.