8CCC will be running presenter training on the 28th and 29th of April in response to the surge of interest from new volunteer presenters.

We have engaged experienced 8CCC trainer, and producer of ‘Many Voices, One Place’ series 1, Centred in Choice‘s Joy Taylor, to present on show planning and development.

Jeremy Conlon of Left of Elephant Sound will be bringing his expertise and experience in sound recording and editing to the table.

Benjamin Erin, 8CCC Station manager and presenter of  Look out- New Music Horizon, will be introducing new presenters to the organisation and then to the studio to apply the skills learnt over the weekend.

Applicants with approved show proposals will be prioritised with attendance capped at 12. If you have been sitting on a show idea now is the time to submit your proposal

Enquiries and bookings can be made to [email protected]