Tune in this Wednesday 25th, 10am, for an ANZAC Day Special Broadcast!

Join Ted Egan AO, historian Jeff Pickerd, and Ilse Pickle, for a journey through time and generations.

Hear how Ilse and Jeff, her father, have developed relationships in Turkey from ancestors facing one another at war. Hear stories of survival, adventure and comradeship in the face of adversity – from Alice Springs all the way to Turkey. And how does it all link back to ‘A Town Like Alice’…?

Jeff Pickerd is an internationally acclaimed historian of the WW1 Gallipoli Campaign, specialising in the 8th Light Horse Battalion, and was also a previous Guide at the Shrine of Remembrance in Victoria.

Ted Egan AO is the former Administrator of the NT, and much adored folk singer and Alice Springs resident.

Ilse Pickle is a Producer and Presenter of Foundations – 8CCC Community Radio, Sunday evenings on 102.1FM.