Following up from her 2021 EPs ‘Rest + Resist’ and ‘First Light’, Bambadino returns with a new collection of songs celebrating the spectrum of life.

Bambadino is a Filipino-born lesbian maths teacher singer-songwriter who writes songs about life, love and bellies. She’s lived in Alice Springs for seven years and plans to live there forever. In her spare time she likes to cuddle her dogs and make roo ragu.

Over Easy is a collection of songs that accompany you through sadness into the light, make you laugh and dream of love. It’s electronic pop with the soul of Kimye Dawson.

Bambadino describes writing the album:

“Over Easy was written during a period of big life changes and losses. I wanted to explore how joy can be found even in difficult times and to share the possibilities of love even when life is hard. I also really enjoyed producing the album with Dave, I feel like our styles combined to create something even better than the sum of its parts”

This album was written in Mparntwe, NT and produced with Sing Hum Records.