This conversation was conducted on Arrernte land.

Hello my name is… Clancy Clarke.

GB – Tell us about yourself.

CC – My name is Clancy Clarke, I’m 19 and I’m interested in the music industry. I like producing Drum and Bass music or EDM house music. I enjoy doing a bit of DnB DJing, I’ve played at a couple of the Doofs in town, and yeah, I just really like the music scene.  

Did you grow up in town?  

I was born and raised in Alice Springs. I haven’t travelled too much at all, just trying to have as much fun as I can in this town I suppose.  

How did you get into DnB and doing DIY gigs?  

So, I first heard bass music from a friend of mine, at the time I hadn’t heard of it and it was real cool. Fast paced (and) just interesting with all the sorts of sound that you can have. Since then, I’ve just gathered more tunes and got more of an understanding for what the genre really is. Listening to it more, really liking how it sounds and just taking that into my own creative abilities.  

Who in town inspired you to get into DJing? 

I hadn’t actually seen any Drum and Bass DJs before I got into it, but I’ve had a massive hand from Malcom McDonald (Flim Flam/Hell Machine/Miasma). He’s taught me some skills, and it’s really helped and improved the way that I mix music. He’s a really good person at that.  

And he also works in audio, mixing and event production.  

Yeah, he’s amazing at sound and stuff. 

Did he inspire you to get into doing that sort of work as well? 

In a way, kind of, but I’ve always been keen on music before I met Malcom. I was doing the CDU VET studies in the music industry, setting up PA systems, controlling the mixer, getting all the sounds at a good level and mixing them in to sound good with each other. But yeah, I just got in contact with him and talking about similar sorts of things. 

Clancy amid the 8CCC AV event equipment audit in February.

How’s 8CCC helped with getting you into the industry? 

It’s given me the opportunity to work in the music industry. In Alice Springs, there aren’t too many music jobs going in this town, so getting on with these guys was really good. It gets me out there setting up for performances, seeing how it’s done, getting my skills and abilities up in it. Yeah, just learning more and more.  

Give us a run-down of what you’ve been doing this morning. 

“So far, I’ve been helping pack up a lot of the gear that we’ve been using and reorganising. Just neatening everything up.  

What’s all the gear for? 

The gear is for 8CCC, when they go out and set up performances or live events. We’ve got all the equipment to run live shows, there’s a bit of radio equipment. Mainly for live performances. 

What’s your favourite thing about living out here in central Australia? 

The big open space.