Picture2The guests on The Fine Line on Tuesday 29 July were two of the talented artists who will be exhibiting in the upcoming ‘Luminous Things’ Exhibition at Central Craft’s June Marriott Gallery opening on Friday 8th August 2014.

Inspired by the clarity and transparency of the air in Central Australia, local artist and creator, Ursula Burmeister conceived the idea of an exhibition, that then found its title in a book of diverse and uplifting poetry, titled ‘Luminous Things’.

The exhibition features local artists Ursula Burmeister, Sara Cox, Roz Clissett, Caroline Green, Mardijah Simpson, Mandy Webb and Betty Wilson. ‘Luminous Things’ is an eclectic, inspiring and challenging exhibition evocative of the glorious light here in the desert and features lighted objects and lamps, a village of luminous houses made by a collective of desert dwellers, concertina books, translucent paintings, photos and slump glass jewellery.

The exhibition celebrates the diversity of members and friends of Central Craft, who have contributed to the village of luminous houses with small, paper houses of differing shapes, colours and textures which will form a ‘lightscape’ as a centre piece in the exhibition.

Ursula spoke of the juxtaposition between the clarity of light; the transparency of the sky; and the harshness and danger here in central Australia and how it is a focal point for many of the artists that come to the centre, and often stay. Ursula’s pieces focus on her attraction to the lucidity of central Australia and feature several lit objects of silk and feathers; transparent houses and an exquisite concertina book which when extended is 13 metres long.

Caroline has been immersed in an new technique for her – that is of the layering of acrylic paints on perspex that create a meditative quality of light bouncing off and shining through which change perspective depending on who or what is behind or in front of the piece. For Caroline, this process of working with the qualities of light has a spirituality that is personal for each participant and viewer.

Also at the ‘Luminous Things’ exhibition opening at 6.00pm at the June Marriott Gallery on Friday the 8th August is a poetry reading and life music by Victoria Jovanovski and Penelope Bergen.

Jen Standish-White talks with Ursula Burmeister and Caroline Green, local artists and creators.

Broadcast: Tuesday 29 July 2014 at 12 noon on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM

Producer and Presenter: Jen Standish-White