8CCC had a fantastic day at the Alice Springs Beanie Festival on Saturday 3oth June.

The Pill started the day with a coffee at Cafe Radio before crossing over from the 8CCC Studio to Potential Energy who kicked off the Outside Broadcast from Beanie Central. Kyran and Alex warmed up the crowd as the sun crept up over the festival.

Latinology then took over, joined by the Alice Springs Latin Dancers who showed off their moves in the market place. Ronie, Juliana and Nacho were looking sharp with their new headwear.

Simon Cheers delivered a special edition of The Comedy Show with a number of guests including Adam Yates- Paleontologist with the Megafauna Central, Chris Cook from Red Centre Comedy and Prince Pout.

Benjamin Erin, host of Look Out- New Music Horizon interviewed Benjamin Ward, a double bass player with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra who has taken leave to take his bass on the road. Traveling north to Garma Festival Benjamin Ward has been playing by the side of the road, in caravan parks and out on community- even having had a jam with Classics in the Mall Flautist Markus Kuchenbuch. Benjamin stunned us all with a piece by Bach followed by an improvised number inspired by his travels and the environment along the road north.


As the afternoon wore on we were joined by many familiar and new faces- Simon learnt how to make a Pom Pom in under a minute and got a new addition to his purple beanie.

As we spoke to passers by about their pick from Beanie Central we discovered a mystery- 3 of the Seven Sisters Beanies – dispersed among the thousands of Beanies, came together right in front of us. We put the call out to the caretakers of the other sisters to speak up and found a fourth sister!- there are still another 3 out there we would love to meet- did you find one of the Seven Sisters?


As the day drew to a close we signed off and packed our kit up- ready for our next outing at the opening of Megafauna Central on Thursday 5th July!

We will be there from 2-5pm, come say hi and take part in this HUGE opening!