The recent extended smoke haze over Mparntwe has been alarming, and demonstrates an unprecedented fire season. Adrian Tomlinson, the CEO of Arid Lands Environment Centre chats to the Big Brekky about the ecological issues we face with invasive Buffel Grass’ interaction with fire, especially following three years of higher rainfall during the previous years’ La Niña events. There are currently discussions around declaring Buffel as a weed, with ALEC calling for a Class A or B Weed Declaration across all areas where Buffel exists (pastoral, indigenous & areas around town). The aim being to stop its growth and spread, and to have a Buffel Grass Managemtn Plan which does not currently exist.

ALEC are hosting a Buffel Grass Weed Declaration Information Night with legal experts, policy makers and weed management practitioners, to discuss and answer questions about the Weed Declaration proposal. The event is free, and at the Roastery on Thursday 9th of November, 6pm, all welcome.