beaniecentralToday is the first of a 2-part program celebrating the humble beanie, or as I knew it in my childhood in England – the bobble hat!

Back in 1997, when a small beanie party took place in Alice Springs, no one anticipated that it would grow into an established creative festival celebrating community, sharing of culture, skills and stories, and lifting the humble beanie to a new art form.

How did this happen and why did it happen in Central Australia?  To find out, I met with Jo Nixon, one of the core team of beaniologists who have been involved with the festival since the early days.

Broadcast: Tuesday 4 June 2013 at 5.30pm on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM

Second broadcast 11 June 2013 at 5.30pm on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM and streaming live on on the world wide web!

Repeated: Following Friday at 9am and Sunday at 5.00pm

Producer:   Joy Taylor


Alice Springs Beanie Festival website

Alice Springs Beanie festival Facebook page

This is one of the series of videos produced during the 2013 beanie making workshops.  Enjoy!