Georgie Yovanovic 2The guest on The Fine Line on Tuesday 18 March was Georgie Yovanovic, creative soul and sustainable couture designer whose inspiring creations have enriched our lives. Georgie was born in Egypt with his family immigrated to Australia when he was a young child. From living in Melbourne, Georgie then, like so many travelers passing through the central desert, has now made Alice Springs his home.

Georgie spoke recounted how he was inspired by his aunts and his Nona and their intricate hand work that was part of his childhood growing up in Egypt. As a child he was always sewing, or knitting or crocheting surrounded by his extended family where he delighted in making little girly things for dressing up. That began his lifelong passion for creating garments out of recycled clothing as he uses delicate hand stitching to ‘sculpt’ his creations to create a textural and astonishing three dimensional look.

Georgie was invited last year to join the Sustainable Couture group here in Alice Springs, and created a stunning multilayered piece for their ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’ fashion parade. His design literally took everyone’s breath away as layer after layer was peeled back to reveal an exotic ‘bird’ creation beneath.

This led on to Georgie entering two inspiring creations in Central Craft’s 2013 Central Ten Wearable Art Awards at the Araluen Theatre. Georgie was generously sponsored by the local St Vincent de Paul Op Shop and used their array of recycled clothing to intricately stitch, cut, twist, tear, ruffle, fold and remodel his imaginative creations. Each design used a myriad of fabrics, textures and colours from deconstructed whole garments to delicate details like using a collar or a button for embellishment.

Georgie spoke how his creations are not simply fashion items, more a way for him to express himself through wearing his stunning creations.

Jen Standish-White talks with Georgie Yovanovic, creative soul and local sustainable couture designer.

Broadcast: Tuesday 18 March 2014 at 12 noon on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM

Producer: Jen Standish-White