BB Sabina has kicked off 2019 with a Live Video release of her track ENERGY. Produced entirely in Alice Springs with local collaborators.

ENERGY was performed at Immersion-DesFest 2018 -and features projections of photography by Melanie Fiedler blended with videos captured in the field by BB Sabina. The performance was filmed and edited by Stuart Liddell (Industrial Cuts & Crossfades) with additional footage by Juliana Menjura.

This track was part of BB Sabina’s set at Immersion. Performing alongside Alice Springs Darkwave duo Swallet, Immersion drew on projection, sculpture and sound to create an experience that was truly… well, you know.

With dark swelling synth lines, looped vocals and percussive guitar, ENERGY sat apart in the set- as a both a solo piece and one that sat outside of conventional song structure, creating a timeless moment to fall into.

Subscribe to BB Sabina’s Youtube Channel for more live video’s- and you can listen to her debut single Catharsis on Spotify or download and purchase music directly from this local artist through Bandcamp.

Article Image by Oliver Eclipse for Red Hot Arts