Alt-indie sensation Alice Cotton is gearing up to unveil her highly anticipated debut self-titled EP on Friday, February 23. With a fervent fan base eagerly awaiting this milestone release, Alice Cotton’s EP promises to deliver a captivating blend of authentic songwriting, warm melodies, and quirky humour.

Featuring a selection of Alice’s favourite songs, the EP offers listeners an insightful and all-encompassing entry into the unique musical world of this emerging artist. From introspective ballads to upbeat anthems, each track on the EP showcases Alice Cotton’s distinct voice and artistic vision, promising a captivating listening experience from start to finish.

“Nick and I worked on capturing a great band vibe with a focus on vocals with lots of character and warmth,” Alice said. “I wanted to keep the final product fairly unproduced or not altered significantly, so that it would be more or less similar to if we were taking it to the stage – we wanted to capture the magic of live performance and that intuitive way of listening, locking in, and talking to each other that musicians have with each other.”