Two Desert Festival artists, Kate Emery and Sezzajai Sykes, join the Brekky Show to share about their shows, both held at the Fesitval’s main hub, Olive Pink Botanic Gardens.

Tonight, as part of the Opening Night festivities, catch Emery’s debut solo performance as a clown, in Summer Road Trip – OUT!, at 6:05pm. This physical theatre piece plays with the excitement, joy, repetition and boredom of leaving Alice Springs for a hot weather escape.

Sykes, from Bee Theatre, offers punters a unique insight into the world of bees, honey and hives in Hive Alive; experiencing collective beings. This is an adults only interactive play which gives the experience of what it is like to truly live communally. Full of laughter and love notes from flowers, the show is preceded by two choirs; The Splinter Sisters and Espie Street Allstars. A ticketed event held on 26/9/23 at 8pm.