This week, newly local, singer songwriter Katie Harder joined us on Heartbeat and performed three songs live, including Muddy Brown and Drink It In from her latest album. See her perform at the Alice Springs Desert Music Club on Monday, or check out her website for video, audio and CDs.  Welcome to town Katie!

Tolley and Joy’s theme challenge this week was to find some interesting covers from around the world … this is what we came up with, starting off with some folk re-workings of tracks from the Punk era in the UK …

JIM MORAY – All you pretty things (original by XTC)
SIMON RITCHIE – Anarchy in the Uk, from his album Squeezebox Schizophrenia (original by the Sex Pistols)
NATACHA ATLAS – Its a man’s world  (original by James Brown)
PASCAL COMELADE AND ROBERT WYATT – September Song (written by Kurt Weil for  the musical, Knickerbocker Holiday)  Love the toy piano

Here is Pascal performing another cover – Egyptian Reggae (which I remember being performed by Jonathon Richman and the Modern Lovers)

SUSHEELA RAMAN – Heart and Soul (original by The Joy Division) – what a great voice

SHEILA HILTON – Bed’s Too Big Without You (original by The Police)
WASIS DIOP – L’Ange Djibril (Hallelujah) (original by Leonard Cohen)
TRAFFIC SOUND (Peruvian psychedelic rock – soul band from the 1960s) Sky Pilot  (original by Traffic) – do a web search on Latin American psychedelic rock bands; you’ll be amazed whats out there …)
BORAT – Born to be Wild (original by Bruce Springsteen)
MELT BANANA (Japanese band) – Surfin’ USA / You’re Welcome
SHORT HAIR FRONT (Japanese band) – I’m waiting for the day – these two are from a Japanese compilation of Beach Boys covers, called SMILING PETS

Cheers, Joy