NT Song of the Year Winner: ‘Aloft’ by David Crowe (Alice Springs).

NT Song of the Year Winner: ‘Aloft’ by David Crowe (Alice Springs).

8CCC sends out a huge congratulations to all the participants and the winners of the 2013 NT Song of the Year Awards!

From the sounds of things it’s been a great year for the competion! With more than 230 entries received it must have been a mammoth task for the crew over at Music NT to select a winner…

For those of you who missed the announcement of winners – you can check it out here on Music NT’s website…

With songs entered across nine genres and from all corners of the Northern Territory – it really is a great reflection of the vibrant and ever growing music scene in the NT!

Anyway, with no further ado, here is the list of winning songs for each genre:

Rock: ‘The Island’ by Mike Meston, Marcel Zimmet, James Gough and Paul Dopper (Darwin).

Pop: ‘Lorrpu’ by Stewart Gaykamangu (Alice Springs).

Urban/Hip Hop: ‘Northern TerrorStory’ by Hugh Winterflood (Alice Springs).

Electronic/Dance: ‘Awake’ by David Crowe (Alice Springs).

Blues/Roots: ‘Revolution Day’ by Basil Raelene (Darwin).

Folk: ‘Aloft’ by David Crowe (Alice Springs).

Heavy: ‘Departed Minds’ by Ben Masters, Dylan Tiedeman, Dean Metcalf, Brandon Mardius, Zac Berry and Hayden Grantham (Darwin).

Country: ‘Secret Waltz’ by Gareth Dawkins (Alice Springs).

School-Aged: ‘The Secret Chord’ by Ward Hancock, Daniel Decurtains and Josh Grant (Darwin).

(8CCC Listeners please note! – 8CCC is already playing some of these songs – but we promise to try and get the full songlist playing on high rotation on 8CCC’s Local Connections Programming as soon as we can!)