On the Big Brekky, CEO of Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC), Adrian Tomlinson, discusses the widespread killing of dingoes on pastoral leases in the NT.  Tomlinson reports broad-scale 1080 poisoning, as well as trapping and shooting is happening because of two misunderstandings; that most canines in the wild are domestic dogs or hybrids, not pure dingoes; and that poisoning dingoes prevents dingo attacks on calves – and that neither are true. Tune in to hear more about how dingoes support healthy arid ecosystems, are culturally important, and are not ‘wild dogs’. The purity of the NT dingo population is of important national conservation value, as at least 90 to 99% of ‘wild dogs’ in the NT are purebred. Additionally, Tomlinson reports that lethal control of dingoes does not reduce cattle mortality in the NT. 

If this issue concerns you, you can email the Chief Minister and for dingoes to be protected on pastoral leases. This campaign is produced by Letters for the Environment Central Australia.