Lover of Central Australia’s land and people, sound-colour healer, violinist, Dian Booth died in England on 15 January.  A memorial tribute was held at Simpsons Gap this week.
Dian had many connections with 8CCC, including two episodes of our series ‘Centralian Yarns’ and creating the music for the series Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives, with Rebecca Mathews.  She said a real highlight of her life in Alice Springs was to create an improvised piece on violin for Quentin Bryce at the International Women’s Day event ant the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame some years ago  8CCC listeners were able to enjoy the moment with her via a live broadcast.  8CCC celebrates her life by replaying two of the Centralian Yarns featuring Dian’s sound-colour healing work, and ’singing of artworks through her violin’.  They will be broadcast at 3:30 and 4pm on Saturday 2nd February.
You can find out more about Dian and her life and work here in pieces written by her long term friend, Helen Womack: