Amelia MissenThe guest on The Fine Line on Tuesday 27 May was Amelia Missen, creative crafter and inspiring artisan whose effervescent energy has led her into a wealth of creative pursuits.

Amelia spoke of how she had spent many years in WA at the Newmont Mine and it was there that she first started nuno-felting and other creative crafts with a group of other woman living at the mine complex.

Inspired by the sweeping landscapes of central Australia, Amelia has continued to nuno felt exquisite scarves and shawls, often interpreting the landscape through the subtle use of textures and different coloured yarns and fibres. Amelia explained to listeners the process of nuno-felting where one needs to change the wool fibres into felt. This change occurs through the use of heat, moisture, soap and a change in the PH of the fibres.  Then one needs to apply friction, time and enthusiasm to create your final piece.

Roving fibres are laid down onto one’s base fabric, preferable silk or muslin, in the pattern of one’s choice. Lightweight netting is then used to cover the work and this is then dampened with the mixture of warm water and detergent which changes the PH of the wool fibres. Then the fun begins as one hand massages and rolls the work until the wet fibres are finally transformed into a felted work of art.

Amelia then spoke of how she has recently discovered woodworking and blacksmithing when joining in at the Senior Citizens’ Club classes. For Amelia, the desert landscape found here in the central Australia, with its multitude of colours and textures are still her inspiration as she turns and chisels her wooden pieces. It seems that there is nothing that Amelia can’t do when it comes to uses her hands and her creativity inspired by where she lives.

Amelia recounted how she has found a ‘second home’ at Central Craft where she is often seen felting, crocheting or dyeing and also helping out as a volunteer at the many creative activities that are part of Central Craft’s extensive annual program of workshops, exhibitions and events.

Amelia shared with us how her love of creating extends to spending time with her grandchildren, where they recycle old clothing, knit, crochet or felt together – the timeless passing of knowledge and skills from generation to generation.

Jen Standish-White talks with Amelia Missen, local artist and creator.

Broadcast: Tuesday 27 May 2014 at 12 noon on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM

Producer and Presenter: Jen Standish-White