Steve Anderson with his recycled public art sculptureThe guest on The Fine Line on Tuesday 25 March was Steve Anderson, a longtime resident in Alice Springs whose involvement in all spheres of arts and crafts has inspired both young and old alike, from Bathurst Island in the north to the Pitlands down south.

Steve first came to the Territory to work on the Tiwi Island of Bathurst where he set up a range of art and craft programs in the community from woodwork to screen printing. Not content with that, Steve then helped develop and establish an art and craft program for Batchelor Institute of Tertiary Education located at Batchelor in the Top End. This was so successful, that Steve then moved to Alice Springs and set up similar programs at the Alice Springs campus. Steve has travelled extensively delivering these programs to Batchelor students living on remote communities in the Territory.Steve talked of the inspiration behind the intriguing public art he has created over the years, including the giant recycled sculpture using reticulation pipes which is located at the Olive Pink Botanical Gardens in Alice Springs.

Steve is actively involved in a number of local community art organisations, on their Committee’s and curating or organizing exhibitions; he has a full schedule in the months ahead with the local Central Australian Art Society (CAAS), the Alice Prize, the Centralian Art Awards and Watch This Space Gallery. In between all this voluntary work, Steve finds time to tutor at Central Craft in varied disciplines including dry point etching, emulsion screen printing, fabric printing and ceramics.

Steve shared with us his ethos of a healthy community – which he does through his generous commitment to sharing his knowledge and skills.

Jen Standish-White talks with Steve Anderson, local artist and creator.

Broadcast: Tuesday 25 March 2014 at 12 noon on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM

Producer: Jen Standish-White


Steve Anderson with his recycled public art sculpture