8CCC has partnered with Incite Arts in the lead up to Unbroken Land: Stories of Connection to Place, Nature and Belonging

‘Set in our unique landscape, this shared community arts experience sweeps art into the heart of participants and audiences alike; breaking down barriers, building connections and giving expression to powerful and passionate feelings of connection to nature, place and belonging.’

Unbroken Land will take place at the Alice Springs Desert Park on the 14th, 15th and 16th of September- and 8CCC will be there for a live broadcast on the 15th.

Participants have been hard at work preparing- and we were excited to speak with some of the Artists, Crew and Community Performers about the creative process behind this epic collaborative performance. We also learnt about Audio Description- one of the ways Incite Arts is working to support accessibility through community art.


Unbroken Land is a free event- but be sure to book

Interviews, and production by Benjamin Erin @ the 8CCC Studios

Music from Unbroken Land: ‘Water Drumming’ by Pin Rada and ‘Kwatye’ by Steph Harrison