The guest on The Fine Line on Tuesday 20 May was Patricia Rademaker, creative artisan and passionate photographer who had planned a trip to New Zealand to photograph lighthouses, fiords, snow-capped mountains and lakes and ended up in the Alice Springs Hospital awaiting an appendectomy. As with many others, arriving in Alice Springs for the first time, this was to be a life changing experience for Patricia.

It was whilst in hospital, sharing a room, that Patricia met local sculptor and creative craftswoman Nancy Hall who offered for Patricia to stay at her home to recuperate. It was while staying at Nancy’s home that Patricia was introduced to the warm, encouraging and creative art and craft community at the ‘Tin Shed’.

Patricia knew then that she would come back to Alice Springs and inspired by the creative energy she had found here, she told how she had ‘listened to her heart’ and packed up and left her beachside home and returned within a few short weeks.

Patricia has spent her time exploring the rich culture and diverse arts and crafts in Alice Springs.  She has tutored at Central Craft in a new and experimental photography and craft workshop; learnt how to quilt; made jewellery and of course, with photography her absorbing passion, spent many hours capturing the ever changing canvas of colour and sheer beauty of the desert.

Patricia has launched her own photography website where she showcases her stunning collection of central Australian photographs that perfectly capture the spiritual nature of the landscape, the isolation, the diverse indigenous and multicultural peoples and Alice’s friendly, creative sharing community.

Jen Standish-White talks with Patricia Rademaker, creative artisan and photographer.

Broadcast: Tuesday 20 May 2014 at 12 noon on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM

Producer and Presenter: Jen Standish-White