Happy International Women’s Day folks!

From Miriam Makeba to Marie Boine, Norma Waterson to Oumou Sangare so many women to acknowledge, to celebrate and so little time. Agh the choice was tough and here is the result – the Heartbeat 90 minute playlist for IWD 2012.

LES AMAZONES DE GUINEA – Wamato (turning weapons into instruments; making music not war)
SISONGE – Mogotsi Wala (especially for distant friends, the ex Vergins!)
ONE GIANT LEAP, MAHOTELLA QUEENS AND EDDIE READER – Daphne (see Eddie this weekend at Womadelaide)
SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK – Women should be a priority
MIRIAM MAKEBA AND NINA SIMONE – Thulasizwe / I shall be released (for all women who have been exiled from their own countries because they stand up for human rights and for freedom of choice)
ANGELIQUE KIDJO – Malaika (a tribute to Miriam)
OUMOU SANGARE – Diaraby Nene
ANGOLAN WOMEN SINGING (we can achieve so much more when we work together and singing or story-telling while we do often makes the journey easier)
NORMA WATERSON – Black Muddy River (a heavenly voice and a reminder of our own chocolate milk coloured Todd)
ELIZA CARTHY – Cobbler’s Hornpipe (daughter inspired by mother inspired by daughter)
MARTA SEBASTYEN – Gold, silver or love (… which do you choose?)
CAMILLE – Canards Sauvages (Her songs are so catchy they stay in my head for days)
CARMINHO – Escrevi teu nome no vento (Only lack of time meant no track from Mariza, so lets hear from someone who has been inspired and encouraged by her)
BLUE KING BROWN – Women’s Revolution (if I can’t dance don’t want your revolution … bring on BKB)
SUSANA BACA – Que Bonito Tu Vestido (Dedicated to all the women who choose to step up into public life; from Aung San Suu Kyi to those who are standing in the local council and shire elections in Central Australia and to women like Susana Baca, Peruvian Minister of Culture and unofficial cultural ambassadors like Marta Sebastayen and Mari Boine)
MARI BOINE – Vuoi Vuoi Mu

Join me again 4pm-5.30pm next thursday for another musical journey