Cleaning up! 2023 was a huge year for 8CCC at this year’s CBAA (Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) conference and awards ceremony, with our station taking two of the most prestigious awards.

Our board member Grace stepped onto the stage twice while representing 8PAW to claim awards for the Warlpiri media group. They won ‘Excellence in Indigenous engagement’ & ‘Excellence in technical innovation’ (a huge shout out to Ben Pridmore who was not at the awards but is a powerful force behind this).

The station leadership award was presented to our very own Benjamin Erin. He earned this by demonstrating sustained exceptional leadership at our station, displaying community radio virtues through specific aspects of broadcasting – cultural, technical & organisational. A well-deserved accolade, congrats again to him.

At the end of the award ceremony, our team were blown away by the announcement that 8CCC were to be awarded the most esteemed ‘Tony Stanley Award for excellence in community broadcasting’. This accolade is presented to organisations that actively promote the values of community broadcasting in the areas of democracy, diversity, access, and independence.

During our time talking to people in the sector it became clear that 8CCC is recognised around the country by the finest & established stations for our work and innovations. Equally, it was ultimately inspiring to witness how each and every community radio station acts as a hub and driving force behind community spirit, local connections and offering platforms for their home grown talent. Three cheers for community radio!