8CCC welcome’s Liam as our newest member of the team.

Interview conducted on 23/11/23.

My name’s Liam, and I’m the production and AV manager at 8CCC.

Where did you cut your teeth in the AV world?

I started in the AV world years and years ago, running my school’s performance and presentation centre alongside a few friends. After that, I transitioned into freelance audio work, and have toured quite extensively with a number of bands and done in-house venue work across Australia, Europe, Central Asia and a bit in north Africa as well.  I kind of split my time across live sound and studio recording as well as the preservation and restoration of old recordings of live performances, specifically 1920s to 1940s gospel music in southern United States.

And you’re a musician yourself?

Yeah, I am a musician. I play a few instruments, primarily guitar and violin and piano. I also do a lot of electronic music, which you could call it, with synthesizers and jungle, drum n bass, noise, free jazz.

Diverse. Have you been up to Central Australia before?

Yeah, I have. More up to Darwin and Arnhem Land in previous years, but I have spent some time in Alice in the last few. Most of my time up north is north-west in the Kimberley. I’ve crossed between the Kimberley and Melbourne several times over the last decade and a half or so.

What drew you to come & work up this way?

Not only 8CCC’s prestigious reputation, but I love the environment of Alice, the community feel and the weather.

Are there any particular things you’re looking forward to doing while you’re up here?