Tin Shed membersOn the 11 March 2014, The Fine Line welcomed two talented locals Nancy Hall and Bev Ellis, whose work is currently on show in the eclectic, prolific and inspiring ‘CRAFT-U’ exhibition in the June Marriott Gallery at Central Craft until the 30 March 2014.

Nancy and Bev recounted where the idea for the exhibition came from and talked about the members of the ‘Tin Shed’, a craft-hub in Alice Springs for a collective of many individuals and crossover groups practicing diverse art & craft forms. There is a constant transfer and melding of ideas and techniques within the walls of the ‘Tin Shed’ and the skilful and creative labours of 27 of its members, who ‘collectively’ have lived in Alice Springs for over 650 years, form the basis for the ‘CRAFT-U’  exhibition.

Nancy shared with us the fun she and her sister Barb McIlvain have in seeking inspiration for their quirky, colourful and eclectic craft and art works. Pictured right are ‘Tin Shed’ members: Mavis Wright, Bev Ellis, Patricia Rademaker, Nancy Hall and  Barb McIlvain, having a bit of fun at Central Craft.

Bev, having been the franchise owner with her husband of DYMOCKS bookstore in Alice Springs for over 21 years, has recently retired and now has time to enjoy fully her many creative pursuits. Bev shared with us her involvement in many creative community activities and is loving having the time to do even more.

So where to next…with the ‘Tin Shed’…they are already planning for their next exhibition…look out for their colourful and finely worked basketry, beading, book-binding, cards, crochet, ceramics, fabric dyeing, embroidery, felting, glasswork, jewellery, knitting, millinery, mosaics, papermaking and folding, photography, quilting and woodwork next year! Jen Standish-White talks with Nancy Hall and Bev Ellis, local creative crafters and artists.

Broadcast: Tuesday 11 March 2014 at 12 noon on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM

Producer: Jen Standish-White