Today we continue the story of yoga in Alice. We will meet some more members of the Alice Springs community who are connected through their involvement in Satyananda, one of the many traditions of yoga.

Satyananda yoga was brought to Central Australia in the 1970s and has been continuously practiced here since then. The people you are hearing from in this two-part series have played important roles in growing and sustaining the yoga community here, and building connections with yoga communities in other parts of Australia and across the world.

IMGP2288Last week we met two yoga teachers – Mahadevananda and Kalikamurti – and one of the first Satyananda yoga students in Alice Springs, Nandadevi.  The names which come from the Sanskrit language are given to yoga students when they feel they are ready to receive them or a senior member of the yoga community such as a visiting Swami considers they are ready – as we heard last week!

Today we meet three more members – Dharmamaya, Anna and Turiya – and talk with them about their very different journeys into yoga and also about each their efforts to bring a yoga attitude and experience into their everyday life.


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