8CCC would like to thank the Australian Red Cross who have taken on a Not For Profit 8CCC membership.

This support will help us to continue telling the stories of Central Australia and the Barkly.

We are looking forward to working with the Red Cross to support their volunteer driven youth project HomeRunners.

We spoke recently with project coordinator Luke Kalaf:

The HomeRunners project supports young people with less opportunities to engage in local team sports. Through the provision of transport, uniforms, basic funds and nutritious food, children and young people will be able to participate in teams across a range of sporting codes.

The program is volunteer based, but facilitated by the Red Cross. This voluntary service has already taken place for seven years through the informal initiative of a community member. The Red Cross’ recent involvement in this service enables it to have a greater reach and longer community sustainability.

The HomeRunners program encourages and builds upon the voluntary service which has developed organically within the community in order to provide consistency and increase numbers of those involved.

The broadening of this program requires the expansion of our volunteer base for this program. For this reason, we are desperately seeking community members willing to dedicate a few hours a week to helping support young people be apart of a team club.

To find out more info please email [email protected] or call 0448 354 578, or jump on our website redcross.org.au

Keep an ear out for some upcoming interviews with volunteers and participants from HomeRunners on 8CCC 102.1fm