This week’s challenge for Tolley and I: songs and music from Australia and the rest of the world about or celebrating sports.  We found all sorts, and one and a half hours couldn’t do justice to the range of music we found and the range of sports which are being played this week all over Alice Springs in the Masters Games.  Welcome to all the visitors to town and go go go all the local teams and participants, including those who also are involved in community radio – we’re just a little bit partisan!

BINA MISTRY / Hot hot hot (from the soundtrack of “Bend it like Beckham”) – for all the visiting participants who are having to adjust to a glorious start of the Central Australian summer
ERIC BIBB  / Step by Step  – for all the walkers and runners
THE CAT EMPIRE / Two shoes – for anyone whose sport involves standing up!
JERRY SEINFELD / Olympics – to remind us what makes the Masters Games different – it is fun, its friendly and its about having a go, and there is no snow!
TRIBE 2 / I shall not walk alone – for those in the long distance events and team events; this is what its about.
CAMILLE / Quand je marche – Thankyou to all the teams who dressed up for the parade through the mall – great fun
THE BEDROOM PHILOSOPHER / Kicking the Footy with God – These next three are for the team sports involving balls!
SAMMY BUTCHER / Footy Fever – a bit of desert surf guitar to get you in the mood for the game
BOOLA BOOLA / Jimmy Krakouer
RUCK ROVER / Motorbike – not forgetting the folks on wheels, motorised or leg power only – particularly those mighty mountain bikers who headed up Anzac Hill in the heat
BUDAM / The Bicycle
JOHN ROHAN / Go Makybe Diva – for the equestrian teams and the horse suits in the Masters’ parade!  Also, not that you need reminding but there is another big horse event  coming up in November … now what is it called?
THE HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN / Stay a little longer – dedicated to Norths who celebrated 40 years of playing this week, and to all the participants who have been in all Masters Games since the games started in Alice in 1986.
OH NO ONO / Swim – for those staying cool in the pool, and those who had the chance to get to meet Dawn Fraser.
THE LUCKSMITHS / Synchronised Sinking  – possibly the new sport for next Games ???
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE / Volunteers – The Games would not have happened without all the volunteers – well over 200 of them.  Thankyou!

Tune in to 102.1FM next thursday at 4pm to Heartbeat – and despite the suggestion, our theme won’t be songs about government departments!!!

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