Alice Springs scientist Ashley Sparrow is also a serious pianist.  So serious, in fact, that when he moved to Central Australia, he transported his beloved grand piano all the way from America and chose a new house to suit the instrument, not a piano to fit into his home.

In this Centralian Yarn, Ashley talks about the particular qualities of the Bosendorfer piano, made in Vienna and the amount of care it requires.  He speaks of his favourite composers and the concert parties he gives at home.  And we have the privilege of hearing him play Sculthorpe, Gershwin and Mozart on his grand.

And where does an Aadvaark fit into this yarn?

Broadcast: Tuesday 15 January 2013 at 5.30pm on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM

Repeated: Following Friday at 9am and Sunday at 5.00pm

Producers:  Joy Taylor and Helen Womack