How Hiking Became a Hobby

Bushwalking for pleasure is rather a new pastime. It’s something that many Outback folk would see as a luxury for city people, trying to connect with nature. But as the Bushwalking Association of Central Australia celebrates its 30th anniversary, we show how leisure hiking has taken root.

The programme includes:

  • a tribute to Ernie Richards, the club’s most dedicated member, written by Peter Nowak and read by Michael Giacometti at the opening of a multi-media exhibition at the Olive Pink Botanical Gardens in Alice Springs
  • a sound installation created for that exhibition by Megg Kelham
  • poetry by Sue Fielding and Megg Mooney
  • interviews with current and former members of the Central Australian Bushwalking Association

Program producer:  Megg Kelham

First broadcast:  3rd October 2012

Recordings of the pied butcher bird in Central Australia, courtesy of Harold and Audrey Crouch.

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Central Australian Bushwalking Association:

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